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HEPHAISTOS-pharma Laureate Of H2020 SME Instrument

HEPHAISTOS-pharma laureate of H2020 SME Instrument

HEPHAISTOS-Pharma received a H2020 grant (SME Instrument Phase 1) from the European Commission for its innovative ONCO-Boost project 

Orsay, 30thMay 2019 –HEPHAISTOS-Pharma announced that it received a grant (SME Instrument Phase 1) from European Commission to further explore the technical feasibility and commercial potential of its innovative ONCO-Boost project.

Immunotherapies have revolutionized cancer treatment and has given a new hope towards cancer cure. However, the average patient response rates to current immunotherapies are still low (25%), and the cure rate without relapse are even lower (10%). In addition, significant differences exist according to patients and tumor types. This gap represents a huge medical and market need.

HEPHAISTOS-Pharma develops ONCO-Boost, a platform of active and non-specific immuno-stimulantsable to potentiate commercialized antibodies, by turning cold tumors hot, but also very effective as single agents against cancers with unmet medical needs.

The company has already developed, produced and characterized a large panel of LPS candidates, derived from relevant bacterial strains. Impressive proof-of-concepts of their efficacy have been also obtained in relevant animal models, first in combination with Rituximab for lymphoma (Raise of complete response rates from 17% to 67%), and then as monotherapy formulated in liposomes for rare and hard-to-treat cancers such as osteosarcoma (50% complete responses).

The present project aims 1/ to validate the manufacturing feasibility of ONCO-Boost products in GMP conditions, 2/ to further validate ourregulatory validation planwith experts toward clinical studies and 3/ to complete economic viabilityof the project.

The company plan to finalize the pre-clinical development of its molecules within 2 years, to bring a lead product to the clinic. HEPHAISTOS immunostimulants will work in synergy with numerous commercialized therapeutic antibodies and thus will have the potential to get a significant impact on global health, both at the individual and the public health levels, by raising the cure rate of cancer immunotherapies over 50%.

Zone de Texte: Project Information
PROJECT TITLE	Boosting immuno-oncology strategies with innovative immuno-stimulants derived from bacteria, to be administrated in combination with therapeutic monoclonal antibodies
DURATION 	6 months
CALL IDENTIFIER	H2020-SMEInst-2018-2020-1
TOPIC	EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020 /SME instrument





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